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This is the first in a new series for us here at team-ingame. We will be interviewing our players & staff from across all our teams and games, and giving you an insight into both their gaming and personal lives.

Please contact us on Twitter or Facebook with who else you’d like to see to get the ingame Interview treatment! As well if you have any question for the person.

First up is our first ‘Inside team-ingame’ Interview with our CS:GO female captain – Clarissa “Dodo” Scholz.



So without further ado, lets get on with those all important questions:

Tell us a few words about yourself, for those who are not very familiar with your eSports career

Well, well. Hey! I am Dodo, while my real name is Clarissa, really everyone including my family calls me Dodo. So hey I am dodo! I’m 20 years and I’m into CSGO since the end of 2014. I’m living somewhere far away in the woods of Germany with two dogs and a lot of loud music.

How did you get into competitive gaming?

You can say I’m kinda addicted to winning. I’ve been doing a lot of different types of sports and always when someone came around with a new challenge I was into it with 150% to win. When I injured my foot and need to stop with competitive sports I really started to play more CSGO. Since I needed something competitive to put my effort in and I kinda improved a lot in short time. And like this you start to climb a letter step by step improving from team to team. I am very glad that I kept at least the last one and a half years on improving together with my lovely German teammate hyuna.

What kind of CSGO player are you?

A good one! LOL jk; I would say I am more the “thinking” one. It feels like I’ve always been IGL in my teams, even if it’s not 100% true when you have a look on my first mixed teams. But I always planned strats, practiced a lot of nades and my aim was never the thing ppl knew me for. But I’m actually really glad to say that right now I like to be an aggressive player, as I’m playing entry in the team as well. I put a lot of time into improving my aim and I can say I love fragging as much as I love to prepare strats.

What’s your weapon of choice?

You can call me a strong and independent rifle. I mean it’s fun to play awp sometimes especially with aggressive moves as t and you’re hitting bhops and shit and just start to go crazy. But all in all I’m not an awper. I am used to go out first and ragemode. So give me an AK, I give you headshots.

Funfact about me: my best weapon is probably the Deagle. I can’t tell you why, but with the Deagle I get into the most consistent fragmode. I guess it was more than just one match where 15 of my 21 kills where with deagle. At least it feels like it.

Let’s switch to some typical CS:GO debates. Which weapon is the most overpowered and which would you like to buff/nerf?

Interesting question when you have a look on the last updates. I personally can say that I just accept guns as they are, because you can’t change it anyways. I don’t really see a special overpowered gun in CSGO at the moment. I mean the Deagle does a lot of damage but at the same time you really need some skill to get it master. But while everyone is flaming about the new Five-seven I actually think it’s still a really strong pistol. At the same time feels the p250 “frckn” useless to me since the update. *cries in spain* Something which still should be changed somehow is that the m4 is never a one shot kill against helmets. It feels so wrong when you play with a 3,1k gun vs a 0,3k pistol and you get the headshot trade, but the pistol actually wins the fight. Of Course it’s about not to play close vs pistols and stuff, but still. It’s just feeling so wrong.

Let’s talk about your individual players. What do they bring and how
does the roll distribution look like in the team?

I guess with all of the five players we really have some different playstyles on each player. While we have some really strong aimers with Hyuna and Foa; we have two fully different players with M4GGAN and MORRAN. Foa as our most experienced player can really chill the team down in heating situations. M4GGAN is a really thoughtful player. She is always thinking through every step. Also she’s pretty good with tactics and analytics. As well she’s a great help to me, because she has experience as IGL. With MORRAN we really have a great cluch player. She’s good in taking and holding control of a situation combined with her growing experience. As our “puppy” in the team she really gets better day by day. Last but not least Hyuna and I have been playing together over one and a half year now. You can really see how we know each other’s on how we’re working together. I know how to play out certain situations with her as well as I do know her when she wants to go for a move.

With which top team would you compare your game style?

We are not really an executing team, even if I like perfect planned strats. We’re using a lot of mapcontrol and entry-aggression while we still use a lot of teamwork. Our last coach has always been using SK Gaming as example for our playstyle and I agree on that.

How does the future look for you guys?

Well first of all we’re going to have a bootcamp soon. Finally we can meet each other’s. We’re all pretty hyped about this. Hopefully this will give us a special kick. Our goal is to finish the season with good results and to get better step by step. More offline events and play play play! Hopefully we can find a coach soon, who fit in good into the team.

Discrepancies can happen in a team environment. How does the team deal with disagreements? For example, if there is a disagreement in the strategy?

Usually we are discussing things together, which part/thing didn’t go well or which different thoughts we have about things. Until now that worked pretty good and we could fix our problems like this.



Let’s do some quick fire questions to finish it off.

– Favorite gun and map

I already told you about my favorite gun, like I’m a strong and independent rifle and I fucking love the Deagle. I can’t really tell you which map is my favorite map, it’s changing a lot. When you play one map over and over with your team or when it’s working better on some maps then others with the team, or where I just feel more creative as caller. I really can’t tell which one is my most favorite map, but I can tell that I’m always pretty hyped for new maps in the team pool. Because you start over and over, and with every time you play it you feel even more confident on it. Right now I feel pretty good playing train and overpass.

– Favoriten streamer/caster?

Well I’m not really into the big streamers scene. I love to lurk around my mates streams and support them 🙂

– Commentary or presenting?

I’ve been casting some games and I definitely can tell you I would always go for playing instead of casting. I just fucking love to play this shit. 😀

– Favoriten fast food?

ehm.. low fat curd cheese..yes

– Your worst habit?

I am actually really hard to myself, doesn’t matter on which point, like my studies, gaming, or just family and friends. As dedicated as I am, I really have a problem with my failures.

– Your best quality?

I think I am a really dedicated person, when I got something stuck in my mind I’m doing everything to achieve it. As one of my big goals is to grow with the team at the moment, I am really putting a lot into CSGO and my girls.

– Ideal job?

tbh I have no idea yet, I’m studying computer science and this is all I know for now. Of course I would love to grow in the eSports scene, but that seems more like a really serious taken hobby to me.

– your motto?

Don’t get stuck.-



Is there anything else you’d like to add? Any shoutouts?

well…. team..? TEEEEAAAM?? greetings to all Dodos out there:)



A massive thanks to dodo for her time. We wish the girls best of luck this year and we hope to see them staying together and achieving all of their goals! Make sure you check out our Facebook & Twitter page to show them some support! We’ll be bringing more interviews of the team members in the next few weeks!

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