Goodbye 2017

2017 was a very successful year for the organisation already. Starting in July we were able to deliver pleasing results in national and international leagues and tournaments including ESEA, CEVO and famous ESL leagues like Open League, MajorLeague and Deutsche Meisterschaft.
We were able to reach the goals we set for ourselfs and stayed in or improved the divisions in all the leagues we participated.

A detailed look on what we achieved:

  • CEVO Season 13 Main League // 20th Place
  • Deutsche Meisterschaft Division 2 Groupstage // 26th Place
  • Deutsche Meisterschaft Division 2 Playoffs // 5th-8th Place
  • DACH Community League Qualifier // 1st Place
  • DACH Community League Regular Season // 4th Place
  • DACH Community League Playoffs // 1st Place
  • ESL Open League Summer 2017 Groupstage // 1st Place
  • ESL Open League Summer 2017 Playoffs // 9th-16th Place
  • Promotion to ESL Major League
  • ESL Major League Winter 2017 Groupstage // 1st Place
  • ESL Major League Winter 2017 Playoffs // 5th-8th Place

Additionally we also took part in two local Tournaments:

  • AstA RUB CSGO 5on5 Tournament // 1st Place
  • Nordish Gaming Convention 2017 Qualifier 1 // Top 4
  • Nordish Gaming Convention 2017 Closed Qualifier // 5th-8th Place

We are looking much forward to 2018 and hope we can continue our good results from this year. We will keep you updated like always about our schedule on our Twitter Account and on Facebook so make sure to follow and stay up to date.

A big thanks to everybody who supported us over the last couple of months. Have a great and healthy start into 2018!!

Posted on January 3, 2018 in News

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